Ski USA - Oregon

Mt Hood Meadows: Schneevorhersage

  • Schnee-Vorhersage für Mt Hood Meadows bei 1379 m Höhenlage Ausgestellt: 3 pm10 Dec 2016 (lokale Zeit)  
Ski USA - Oregon

Mt Hood Meadows: Schneevorhersage

UsMt Hood Meadows

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Tage 0-3 Mt Hood Meadows Wetter-Zusammenfassung:

starker Schneefall, stärkstens währ. Sonntag morg.. Temperaturen werden unter dem Gefrierpunkt sein (maximal -2°C am Samstag nachm., min -11°C am Montag abend). Wind abnehmend (starke Winde aus Westen am Sonntag nachm., Windstille ab Montag abend).

Tage 4-6 Mt Hood Meadows Wetter-Zusammenfassung:

Neuschneebestreuung. Die Temperaturen werden deutlich unter dem Gefrierpunkt sein (maximal -10°C am Dienstag nachm., min -23°C am Donnerstag abend). Wind schwächt ab.
SaSonntag 11Montag 12Dienstag 13Mittwoch 14Donnerstag 15Fr
Wind (km/h)
40 WSW40
45 WSW45
30 WSW30
50 W50
10 SW10
20 W20
10 WSW10
5 ESE5
15 E15
15 E15
15 E15
10 E10
10 E10
10 E10
10 E10
10 E10
0 ENE0
5 ESE5
Schnee-schauermäßiger Schneestarker Schneemäßiger Schneestarker Schneeeinige WolkenSchnee-schauerSchnee-schauereinige WolkenSchnee-schauerSchnee-schauerLeicht. SchneeSchnee-schauerklarerklarereinige Wolkenklarerklarer
Schnee Karte
T oregon snow sum11.cc23
T oregon snow sum12.cc23
T oregon snow sum13.cc23
T oregon snow sum14.cc23
T oregon snow sum15.cc23
T oregon snow sum16.cc23
Schnee cm
Regen mm
Max. °C
Min. °C
Gefrierpunkt (m)1000100010508507505508506000000000000
Mt Hood Meadows freezing level scale
snowy slopeMt Hood Meadows freezing level

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Die Table oben zeigt die Wettervorhersage für Mt Hood Meadows auf der angebebene Höhe von 1379 m. Unsere ausgeklügelten Wettermodelle ermöglichen uns die Schnee-Vorhersage für die Gipfel-, Mittel- und Bodenstationen für Mt Hood Meadows. Das Fenster über der Tabelle ermöglicht das Abrufen der Wettervorhersage für andere Höhen. Für einen umfassenderen Blick auf das Wetter, siehe die Wetterkarte" von United States.

Klicken Sie hier, um weitere Informationen über Gefrierpunkte zu erhalten und zu lesen wie wir unsere Temperaturen prognostizieren.

Visitor Reviews of Mt Hood Meadows

Scummy ski rat from United States writes:

If you don't like Meadows please don't come back and please tell all of your other elitist friends how horrible it is so that they will never come. Go stay in Vail or Tahoe or Jackson's hole with all of the other self righteous indignant elitists! Meadows has every condition and will make you a great rider in every condition while Vail will give you nice conditions all season and make you a good rider with perfect conditions but when you hit slush or ice or variable conditions it's very apparent you've been spoiled as A) you don't know how to ride it and B) you complain about it. It's very apparent that they are trying to push the lower class out of the ski industry which sucks! And to complain about the conditions is like complaining about your gear. I ride a 13 year old board which has been falling apart and being epoxied back together for years, the edges are coming loose, the bottom sheet is separating, the top sheet is delaminating, the threads don't hold screws for long but given all of that I still shred harder than all the brand new gear toting elitists . And I ski harder than them too which really pisses them off when you're wearing skis; out-skiing them and then you tell them you do both and that snowboarding is harder to do. As far as trying to defend Meadows I won't because I don't need to change anyone else's mind on the matter. I love it and am such a better rider in the 3 years that I've been here as opposed to the 15 years I rode in Colorado.

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