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Japan: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Japan. Fresh snow is forecast at 0resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.

Aktuelle Zeugenschneeberichte für Japan




Ski resorts in Japan from B to E

Bottom Mid Top
Skigebiet Webcam Top
oben und unten
Good piste
Off Piste
Fresh snow depth
Letzter Schnee
Fresh snow depth
nächsten 9 Tage
0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
Schnee (cm)
Weather Nächsten 5 Tage Wettervorhersage.
Gefrierpunkt (m)
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu

(660m — 1050m)

Mittelstation 855 m
2800m 2200m 2250m 3400m 3750m

(1200m — 1400m)

Mittelstation 1300 m
3000m 2550m 2750m 3450m 3750m

(650m — 950m)

Mittelstation 800 m
3150m 3050m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(1390m — 1830m)

Mittelstation 1610 m
2850m 2300m 2250m 3500m 3750m

(510m — 765m)

Mittelstation 638 m
3000m 2850m 3200m 3550m 3800m

(130m — 315m)

Mittelstation 222 m
1800m 1300m 1850m 3100m 3550m

(240m — 300m)

Mittelstation 270 m
1850m 1250m 1800m 3100m 3500m

(150m — 530m)

Mittelstation 340 m
1850m 1550m 1700m 3050m 3500m

(950m — 1174m)

Mittelstation 1062 m
3050m 3000m 3350m 3550m 3800m

(1350m — 1800m)

Mittelstation 1575 m
2950m 2550m 2600m 3400m 3750m

(942m — 1540m)

Mittelstation 1241 m
2950m 2250m 2300m 3450m 3750m

(210m — 456m)

Mittelstation 333 m
1850m 1250m 1800m 3100m 3550m

(500m — 1000m)

Mittelstation 750 m
2950m 2250m 2450m 3450m 3800m

(210m — 579m)

Mittelstation 394 m
2900m 2150m 2250m 3400m 3750m

(1400m — 1620m)

Mittelstation 1510 m
3050m 2650m 2500m 3450m 3700m

(1215m — 1350m)

Mittelstation 1282 m
3100m 2900m 3250m 3550m 3700m

(900m — 1125m)

Mittelstation 1012 m
3150m 3050m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(555m — 827m)

Mittelstation 691 m
1800m 1250m 2050m 3200m 3650m

(50m — 150m)

Mittelstation 100 m
1950m 1300m 1950m 3100m 3550m

(285m — 416m)

Mittelstation 350 m
2450m 1950m 1950m 3200m 3750m

(475m — 690m)

Mittelstation 582 m
2650m 1900m 2100m 3300m 3800m

(2610m — 2830m)

Mittelstation 2720 m
3000m 2750m 3000m 3500m 3700m

(1810m — 2190m)

Mittelstation 2000 m
2900m 2450m 2650m 3550m 3750m

(430m — 980m)

Mittelstation 705 m
2900m 2200m 2300m 3450m 3800m

(740m — 796m)

Mittelstation 768 m
3150m 3100m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(920m — 1042m)

Mittelstation 981 m
3150m 3100m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(740m — 1121m)

Mittelstation 930 m
3150m 3100m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(815m — 1035m)

Mittelstation 925 m
3150m 3100m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(740m — 1120m)

Mittelstation 930 m
3150m 3100m 3350m 3600m 3950m

(700m — 1050m)

Mittelstation 875 m
3150m 3150m 3400m 3600m 4000m

(720m — 1150m)

Mittelstation 935 m
3150m 3200m 3400m 3600m 4000m

(983m — 1430m)

Mittelstation 1206 m
2950m 2650m 3100m 3550m 3800m

(1450m — 1850m)

Mittelstation 1650 m
2950m 2550m 2550m 3400m 3750m

(1200m — 1480m)

Edelweiss Ski Resort webcam
Mittelstation 1340 m
2950m 2350m 2300m 3400m 3750m

(144m — 409m)

Mittelstation 276 m
2000m 1250m 1650m 3100m 3550m

(485m — 700m)

Mittelstation 592 m
2550m 2200m 2000m 3200m 3700m

(56m — 179m)

Mittelstation 118 m
1800m 1150m 1800m 3100m 3550m