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Ski United Kingdom

Yad Moss Foto von spoo

Ski United Kingdom

Yad Moss Foto von spoo

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Yad Moss Foto: yad moss von spoo

yad moss
Nutzer: spoo (3 photo)

yad moss

United Kingdom | Yad Moss

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the greaat yad moss, alston cumbria, the first days snowboarding i had ever tried, now hooked

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Guest_Anon yeah snow inengland if you want to see more check out www.snow-uk.info
Bodie Miller sorry, seen better.
bob Steve is this one of yours mate ? 8-)
:oops: :oops:
liam snow in England???? :?:
Emma 8-) Excellent photo!!
At 600m the autostacking Poma tow at Yad Moss is the longest single lift in England. Despite a generally very dry winter the Carlisle Ski Club which operates the tow enjoyed about two weeks sport culminating in this weekend in late January 2003.