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Ski USA - Washington

Mount Baker Foto von Scott Phillips

Ski USA - Washington

Mount Baker Foto von Scott Phillips

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Mount Baker Foto: Mt Baker von Scott Phillips

Mt Baker, Mount Baker
Nutzer: Scott Phillips (4 photo)
Fotos aufgenommen am: 1:08 pm 10 Mar 2006

Mt Baker

USA - Washington | Mount Baker

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Letzte Kommentare

John Warren That beautiful mountain is Mount Shuksan! You can't see Baker from there; it's behind you over the ridge!
Jon Berg That's the North Face of Mount Shuksan...not Baker.
Matt This is actually Shuksan, not Baker. Baker is behind the photographer.
Jefferson This is very common and misleading because of the ski area's name but this is NOT Mount Baker. It is Mount Shuksan.
lalala MT SHUKSAN????? nooooooooooobulus.
rose this is actually Mt. Shucksan, a friend and neighbor of Mt. Baker
Jonathan or, Mt. Shuksan from Mt. Baker. Beautiful contrast on those bluebird days!