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Ski France

Les Carroz Foto von Chris Patient

Ski France

Les Carroz Foto von Chris Patient

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Les Carroz Foto: Les Carroz-Corbalanche von Chris Patient

Les Carroz-Corbalanche
Nutzer: Chris Patient (123 photo)
Fotos aufgenommen am: 4:05 pm 13 Jan 2012

Les Carroz-Corbalanche

France | Les Carroz

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The Union Jack attracts british skiers to the restaurant at the top of Les Carroz lift. The formidable black piste of Corbalanche is in the background and Grands Vans,with good snow cover, is on the far right. Photo by Chris Patient

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David Alcock The Union FLAG is shown; it is only a Union Jack when it is raised on the Jack staff of a ship
Ian Edwards Deliberately put upside down to ensure British skiers go inside the restaurant! Clever!