Ski Chile

Nevados de Chillan Foto von sebastian moreno

Ski Chile

Nevados de Chillan Foto von sebastian moreno

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Nevados de Chillan Foto: Con un desnivel vertical de 870 metros von sebastian moreno

Con un desnivel vertical de 870 metros, Nevados de Chillan
Nutzer: sebastian moreno (22 photo)
Fotos aufgenommen am: 11:41 am 13 Jul 2011

Con un desnivel vertical de 870 metros

Chile | Nevados de Chillan

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fernando reiss I'm imprest with the picture it still is one of the most beautifull volcanos that i had the chance to Ski. The big differens that when I ski Chillan it was 1979- and my friends and I climed up to the top ,YES WE WALKED ALL THE WAY. I wont forget that we had a French gide our Ski instructor his name is Alan Galinie ( we are still in contact till today ) when I met him in chillan I was 18 years old today I'm 49 going on 50. I clearly remember the hot bath's in the Hotel it was so relaxing. The food was first class the drinks like they only now how in Chile the best, specialy the famous PISCO SAUER Que rico. The only thing apart from the ski lift that did not work was the night life we were 4 friends and another couple from Argentina so the discotect was so so . I have photos from that trip would you like me to shere them with you? any way I will never forget Chillan Thank you for a great Time.
Rafael Tiburon Muy buena foto cumpadre! Logo mais estamos chegando ai.... Abraço