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Ski Iceland

Bláfjöll Foto von

Ski Iceland

Bláfjöll Foto von

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Bláfjöll Foto: Frozen Rocks

Frozen Rocks, Bláfjöll

Frozen Rocks

Iceland | Bláfjöll

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wogbot it needs a tag, spraypaint can make anything boring turn beautiful
Plato Needs something more, something to center your attention... a tad boring.
captain birdseye nice compostition lovely shot - it seems that all the nutters that comment on people shots are not looking at the arty stuff.. come on fellas, get with the programme.. :roll:
my name its called rime
:-P :-) :lol: :-( :cry: 8-) :-o :-? :oops: :shock: :-x :roll: ;-)