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Ski Iceland

Bláfjöll Foto von Snow Forecast Admin

Ski Iceland

Bláfjöll Foto von Snow Forecast Admin

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Bláfjöll Foto: Frozen Skógarfoss - Eyjafjöll, Iceland von Snow Forecast Admin

Frozen Skógarfoss - Eyjafjöll, Iceland, Bláfjöll
Nutzer: Snow Forecast Admin (959 photo)
Fotos aufgenommen am: 12:17 pm 26 Dec 2009

Frozen Skógarfoss - Eyjafjöll, Iceland

Iceland | Bláfjöll

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Skógarfoss is the most visited waterfall on in the steep Skógá river. Some of the water originates from the glaciated volcano of Eyjafjallajökull. Photographer: Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson Photo from the 2012 Snow-Forecast.com Calendar that can be purchased from our products page - 3 months free membership with all purchases